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Certificate In Linux Server Administration (Intermediate)

Certificate In Linux Server Administration (Intermediate)

Linux is the #1 operating system for web servers, cloud computing, smart phones and consumer electronics. Due to its rapid adoption, there is high demand of Linux system administrators. This course will teach you the skills and processes you need to work as a professional Linux system administrator by focusing on core administration tasks, which is based on fully hands-on training. Here you’ll learn how to administer, configure and upgrade Linux systems running one of the major Linux distributions like Red Hat or CentOS.

  • Introduction To Linux; Accessing the command line
  • Manage Files from command line
  • Getting Help in the Linux system
  • Creating, Viewing and editing text files with vi/vim
  • Administer Users and Groups
  • Using Regular Expression with ‘grep
  • Controlling Access to files with Linux file system permissions & Access Control List (ACL)
  • Monitoring & managing Linux processes
  • Scheduling Tasks in Linux
  • Controlling Services & Daemons 
  • Configuring and securing OpenSSH service
  • Analyzing and storing logs
  • Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking
  • Archiving and copying files between systems
  • Installing and updating software Packages
  • Adding Disks, Partitions, and File Systems to a Linux System.
  • Managing LVM (Logical Volume Management) Storage
  • Accessing Network Storage with Network File System (NFS) & SMB
  • Securing Network Communication with firewall
  • Managing SELinux Security
  • Automating Installation with Kickstart
  • Using Virtualized systems
  • Controlling and Troubleshooting the Linux Boot Process
  • Any Graduates or undergraduate from any stream/branch who want to pursue career in system administration
  • Experienced working professional who wants to multi-skill oneself in Linux domain
  • Passionate individual who wants to make career in system administration and networking

This curriculum provides a foundation for students planning to become full-time Linux system administrator by introducing key command-line concepts and enterprise-level tools. It is also appropriate for system administrators as well as professionals in a variety of related roles, including database administrators, developers, and support technicians. After attending this course, you should be able to perform essential Linux administration tasks, including installation, establishing network connectivity, managing physical storage and basic security administration. This course is the first among the two-part curriculum that turns a computer professional who knows nothing about Linux into a fully capable Linux administrator.

  • ITes
  • BPO
  • Banking Sectors
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Insurance


64 Hrs.

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